Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Decor on a budget!

Jane Austen had said “Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.”
I am taking her very seriously. In retrospect when I think of the day when I had to tender in my resignation from my job that I so dearly loved and enjoyed. I was literally in tears when I had to bid adieu on the last day, at that point all I could think was "I cannot see myself sitting at home." Almost three years later, now I feel differently! I like the tag of calling myself  "Lady of leisure."  Home decor is a  passion with me and I enjoy doing things around the house. I was beaten by this bug early in life, probably watching my mom very dexterously transform some corner of the house at every possible opportunity available to her from her extremely busy day as a career woman and looking after the family and home.
What has caught my fancy now is decorating with candles, everything from shape, color,size,fragrance and forms - Colorful candles burning bright!
Over the weekend I spent my time of solitude adding a touch of vibrancy to plain simple candles, wrapping them with a lace or ribbon found in sewing kit,  using an ethnic looking gleaming steel tray, a clear glass jar half filled with beach sand and small green plant submerged within the jar and an old clear glass water jug with a black handle,  filled with beautiful hues of orange,white and silver stones, marbles and pebbles, finishing it off by putting in a decorative golden and silver leaf found from one of the gift package! This pretty creation is adding grace to the coffee table!
Not at all a big deal but my satisfaction of using my imagination! Received compliments from the most unexpected quarter - I am sure no need to specify! :)