Thursday, March 1, 2012

My thoughts!

It's been quite engrossing and satisfying at the same time, attempting to get some shape to this blog. I am actually enjoying this whole new experience of experimenting with ideas, come to think of it - even while I am engaged doing something else some thought crops up and either I rush to my laptop or make a mental note to incorporate it at a later time.
I am quite anxious to post some of my own recipes and also ensure to find a place of prominence for recipes that I have gathered over the years from friends and family! In fact I am in the process of sharing a sandwich recipe made by my daughter. Amazing that even after a long day at work my daughter walked in carrying grocery of her choice as she was quite keen on making the sandwiches. Credit must be given where it is due - and  along with the rest of family I too enjoyed the crisp,flavourful sandwiches. I am waiting for her to share the recipe with me.
On this note I will take your leave for now with a promise to bring forth informative, enjoyable posts!!