Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gleaming stainless steel appliances.

I am very happy to be sharing this post on useful tips, and  as the post title suggests "Gleaming stainless steel appliances." The reason for my happiness is the tip that I picked up on my recent visit to Toronto. This city had been my home for almost over a decade and I am quite familiar with the geographics of this city. While enjoying the drive on the highways after the quite and peaceful streets of my new abode. I decided to tune into the  local radio station The 680 News, and this is when I happened to hear and decided that I am going to share this tip with you.
What you will need:
A few drops of baby oil.
Microfibre cleaning cloth.
What would you do: Pour few drops of the baby oil on to the microfiber cleaning cloth and rub it all over the steel appliances. This would leave your appliances gleaming.
P.S. This trick would work on clean and greaseless appliances!